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Stainless Steel Degree Protractor (D-Head_
Stainless Steel Degree Protractor (Square Head)
  For Machines Draughtsmen Layout men and other Mechanics. Protractor has easy
  etched reading graduations from 0° to 180° on opposite directions.
Elegant Design
Accurate Graduation
Polished Finish

4-Pc. Combination Try Meter Square
Includes Ruler, 90° Head, Centre Square, Prohead, Scriber & Level.
  A very precisely ground product with good aesthetic appeal. This world class
  product comes to you in handsome attractive packing.

Universal Bevel Protractor
High Precision angle gauge for accurate angle measurement of machines, moulds &
  jigs. Can be attached to height gauge. Comes with blade length of 150/300 mm &
  with acute angle attachment.

Weld Fillet Gauge
A Versatile tool for the use of welding operator. The tool can be used with ease for weld joint preparatory functions as well as for checking of the weld joints. The tool combines a bore gauge, angle gauge, depth gauge and weld height gauge. The tool is made in stainless steel with polish finish.

American Wire Gauge
  Made of high quality stainless steel.

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